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Welcome to our website!
We provide our customers with the best-quality, Biothane leashes and tracking lines.  Customer service is our top priority.

CH Philmac's Bronco Sue tracking with our 1/2" violet line


We take pride in making our products, and we know we can make a tracking line or lead that is right for you and your dog. We also make custom tracking lines, leashes and check cords; email us with your specifications.  Palomine lines are made with Betathane, one of the finest biothane products made by Bioplastics USA.  It is a synthetic material that is more durable than leather.  Our lines can be used on the most unpleasant days, and wiped clean with a damp cloth.  Each line is double riveted for security. 


"I ordered two 33' long lines to use with my dogs on our hikes and have used them several times since they arrived and am so impressed with the quality. They were exactly what I was looking for and I couldn't be more happy.  Thank you so much for such a great product. You have earned a lifelong client." --Maria A.  See Maria's video below.

Click here to see Palomine Lines put to the test on the beach by Georgia and Pippin!

Click here to see Kristina Nethercott's video of her girls using Palomine Lines.

On June 21, 2012, our 3/8" lines were tested in a pull test.  The successful results confirmed our 5-year study of our double-riveted lines.    Palomine Lines makes a good, strong product that will serve you for years to come.  Peak loads on our lines ranged from 333.6 lbs to 359.8 lbs, consistent with a break strength of 1000 lbs per inch of unaltered (neither sewn nor riveted), standard-middleweight biothane.  If you wish to see a copy of the test results, please email us and we will be happy to send a copy to you. 

I purchased two lines from [Palomine Lines].  I walk several dogs every week at my local animal shelter.  After each dog, I lightly spray the lines with a diluted solution of KennelSol and wipe them dry.  KennelSol is used to stop the spread of kennel cough.   The lines are fine and more soft and supple with the extra use.  The benefit of having a longer line is great for us.  We are rural and can walk the dogs on trails.  The dogs are not leash trained so during the first week or so of adjustment, it is nice to let them just roam without pulling me over.   Thank you."  --Sarah B., Volunteer at her local animal shelter

Here's some more of what they're saying about Palomine Lines:
"I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Palomine Line! It never tangles, it dries quickly, is easy on my hands, and still strong and pliable after several years of nearly constant use. . . .I am attaching a photo you can use in your gallery of me and Snowden Hill Elvis Is Alive, CD, TDX, 'Elvis.' We're celebrating the finish of his TDX track, where the last 300 yards was through waist-high grass and boggy swamp." --Ellen G.

"Just got back and love the tracking line.  It did not tangle, went though the woods without getting hung up, and was smooth in the hands.  It was light weight and very easy to use.  I will definitely be recommending it to others."    --Pam and the Cocker Boys

"Hi!  I have had my Palomine lead for several weeks now and I just love the strength and leather feel of this lead - leather is great but it won't hold up like this."  --Lori S.

"I've found lots of uses for my Palomine line.  It's a great tracking line and so much more: I use it as a check cord for field training, and a long line for obedience work. It looks just as good today as the day I received it."  --Phyllis M.

 "I just got back from tracking this morning in very wet grass that was around a foot tall.  I really like how the line is so easy to handle when wet.  Also, when wet it doesn't get heavier and tangle like the cotton does....I feel so lucky to have found out about [Palomine Lines].  I really appreciate your super customer service.  You really go the extra mile!" --Anna L.

"My Cattle Dog earned his TD a few weeks ago, using your line.  I really love it!  I practiced one day in a field of corn stubble.  It was great how well the line slipped up and over the stalks without getting hung up.   Thanks so much for the great product! " --Linda G.

"WOW WHAT A VERY NEAT TRACKING LINE.... NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD WANT TO GIVE UP MY OLD COTTON, STRETCHED OUT, 25-YEAR OLD, TRACKING LINE....[Y]our line in my hands reminded me of how it felt to hold the reins of my horse and being able to feel every move, every foot fall, as we jumped all the fences...." --Joyce L.

“I love my 3/8” x 10’ Palomine Line that I use for the new sport of K9 Nose Work® on both my Flat-Coated Retriever and my Norfolk Terrier. The line is lightweight, easy to handle, comfortable to hold, easy to clean, and has a nice bit of give. The brass clip is strong enough for my large dog but not too heavy for my 10lb terrier. I have used both leather and cotton web lines for many years but I am now retiring them to use my Palomine Line. Thank you!” --Dana Crevling, Dogs of Course

"I just wanted to tell you I got my order of lines, thank you very much....[E]xpect future orders from me and others associated with me. This was a great experience, thank you!" --Jacy K.

"Oliver's new slip leash is not only great for agility class, but it has become my new running leash. It is so lightweight I don't even know it is on my arm yet I have quick control when I need it. Very happy with all the new lines. Thanks! --Chris M.  (See Oliver on our gallery page)

"I recently purchased a ten foot 1/4 rope line for use with my dog Mady in nosework.  We love it!  It's a great length - and the bright orange is great for those outside searches.  Mady is a small dog, and likes to get in all sorts of small areas, plus she moves fast when she is working and the bright color is helpful in keeping track of her!  I love how light the line is, and how soft and spongy it feels in my hand - yet I am not giving up control when I need it.   Plan on using this product for a long time." --Amy M.

Do you have a great picture of you and your dog using a Palomine Line?  If so, e-mail it to Palominelines@q.com along with your dog's name.  We will add it to our picture gallery.

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